ConciergeBot will
delight hotel guests
work seamlessly with workflow
improve hotel productivity
never sleep
What We Do
Send Information to Guests
Ever wanted to broadcast information to guests, perhaps hotel event information or useful tips to hotel guests ? Instead of printing notifications, I can do that for you in a click of a button… … even after guests have left the hotel !
Answer FAQs
I know all about the Hotel. Whether it is about Wifi Passwords, Breakfast Timings or Hotel Amenities, I can respond immediately to guests’ questions provided you teach me beforehand 🙂
Track Guests' Sentiments
I can figure out how guests are feeling through chat-based Real-Time Sentiment Analyses. We can quickly activate service recovery efforts where needed. Sounds cool ? My sentiments exactly !
Handle Requests
Guests can make requests through chat. I detect them automatically pass them on to humans and track that they are completed. QED
Work 24 / 7
I don’t sleep. I don’t eat. I can handle many guest inquiries at once. I mean… I am a bot. But some text encouragement does brighten up my day.
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